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Exploring the Power of Silence with Alan Watts

In our bustling world, filled with constant chatter and noise, the words of philosopher Alan Watts ring true with a refreshing clarity. He suggests a radical idea: before we decide to save or destroy our planet, let’s pause for a moment of silence. But this isn’t the somber silence we observe in times of mourning. Watts invites us to experience real silence, where we stop our internal chatter and connect with reality as it truly is.

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This and That

Alan Watts, a British philosopher and writer, often spoke about the concept of “This and That” in his work. He used this phrase to illustrate the interconnectedness of all things and to encourage people to move beyond dualistic thinking.

According to Watts, dualistic thinking is the tendency to see the world in terms of opposites or polarities – such as good and evil, light and dark, or self and other. He believed that this way of thinking creates a false sense of separation and reinforces our egocentric view of the world.

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Alan Watts on – The Reasons for Meditation

Our Commentary:

Alan Watts was a profound thinker who made valuable contributions to the understanding and practice of meditation. His insights on the reasons for meditation provide a clear and compelling argument for why this practice is so important for personal growth and spiritual development.

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